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Name: Marsha N
Date: 28 Jan 10

WOW. Just finished The Living Stone - what an awesome story can't wait to share it with friends. I shared with a friend that if there was any emotion someone was having trouble expressing this would bring it out. Thank you on the forgiveness piece. May God continue to bless you.
Name: Kat
Date: 23 Jun 10

I liked reading her bio and a description of her book summer breeze. I'd like to read one of her books this year. Saw them on guideposts website.
Name: Heather Shepard
Date: 16 Jul 10

I just finished reading "All the Tea in China". I loved it!! This is the first book of Jane Orcutt's that I have read and I wanted more! Thank you Jane for taking me into lands that I never would have had the chance to explore on my own!

Name: Eunice Stephens
Date: 03 Aug 10

I have enjoyed finding a new author and am going to introduce her work to my teenage granddaughter. A work we can share.

Name: Janet Filkins
Date: 02 Aug 10

I just finished reading, The Hidden Heart, my first book written by Jane. I'm so sad to know that she passed away. The world lost a great writer. I will look for her other books as I so enjoyed this one.
Name: Tamara
Date: 14 Oct 10

I just finished "All the Tea in China" I truly enjoyed the book and will miss the characters. when is your next release?
Name: Valerie Teeling
Date: 08 May 09

I just finished your new book--All the Tea in China. What an engaging book!! I loved it!
Name: Kay
Date: 20 May 09

I'm a friend of one of Mrs. Orcutt's nieces and I picked up one of her books when I was sleeping over at their house, The Fugitive Heart, and I fell in love with it.  She has awesome story plots, and her characters have such amazing relationships. I've finished four of her books and am working on another one in the past month. My mom got really mad at me because I refused to put down her books during dinner.
I plan on buying all her books ASAP to put in my own library.
Name: Keri
Date: 21 May 09

I absolutely love Jane Orcutt's books! I have read The Fugitive Heart and The Hidden Heart at least 5 times each and I highly reccommend them! Thank you so much for writing these wonderful novels!

Name: Erin Webster
Date: 18 Aug 09

Hi, my name is Erin and I fell in love with "All the Tea in China." I came upon this site while trying to find more of Jane's books. Jane is now my favorite author and "All the Tea in China" is with no doubt my all time favorite book. I actually stumbled upon her book at a garage sale and have since read the book and passed it on to friends. I plan on buying another copy, as well as, all of Jane's other books. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of such a great person! I would like to thank Jane's family and friends for creating this beautiful site and for continuing to promote her work. I can tell just by reading one of her books, how special a person and writer she was, and I am eternally grateful to her for writing "All the Tea in China." This book was inspiring and changed the way I view the world and my life in it. This book is just what I needed! Thank you so much and God Bless Please email me anytime in regards to Jane and her books and ways I can be involved with promotions or anything.
Name: Peggy Orcutt
Date: 07 Sep 09

Enjoyed reading Something Old, Something New. Hope to get a chance to read more of your books.
Name: Edna Tollison
Date: 27 Apr 09

I have not read any of Jane's books yet just heard of her on this site, but if you are having a contest to win one of her books, please enter me and I will do a review of it on Amazon and Chritian books.

Name: Lisa
Date: 24 Oct 08

A friend recommended "All the Tea in China" to me. I was not prepared for how much I would enjoy the story!  It is a story that I'll never forget and will no doubt read again and again.
I came to the website to see other books written by Jane Orcutt. I extend my deepest sympathies to her family. How wonderful that she will always live on in our memories through her books.
God bless you!
Name: Rebekah
Date: 09 Sep 08

Hi, my name is Rebekah and I am 15 years old. I would just like to tell you that I have literally fallen in love with Jane's book All The Tea In China. It was inspiring to me and I have read it over four times. I hope to read many more of her novels in the coming months. Thank you.

Name: Kelsey
Date: 24 Jun 08

I LOVED this book! It was very interesting to see the different cultures intertwined! I loved that there was a love story involved that one had to keep reading for to find out. I am definitely going to read more of Orcutt's books!
Name: Heather
Date: 06 Sep 08

When I first saw the book The Fugitive Heart, I though that it didn’t look that appealing, but my mom told me that i should just try to read it. And so i did, and now I can say, it is one of my favorite book! I love love love it! THANK YOU!
Name: Iona
Date: 14 Aug 08

I don't really read books but maaan when i read the summary of this book i actually opended it and read some of it i bought the book and now i read it all the time!!! THANKS JANE!!! i guess books aren't boring!
Name: Nicole Mooc
Date: 16 Jul 08

This is my first time reading a jane orcutt book and it was a great first impression. this was a fun book showing a girl who was just being in the care of her nanny and uncle to growing up to be a young lady, getting married to a man whom she loves.
Name: Jennifer Anderson
Date: 08 Apr 08

I have read All The Tea in China - it was a wonderful story and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was full of adventure and intrigue and was a page turner.
Just a side note, my dearest friend Danielle V. Phillips is the woman who they chose for the cover art. I was introduced to the book because of her and have now recommended it all my friends and family.
Thanks for a great read!

Name: Rachael
Date: 06 Jul 07

Jane's books were some of the first books that helped me find an outlet in Chirstian fiction. The Fugative Heart and The Hidden Heart are such beautiful works. Someday, Lord willing, I also want to write books that make a difference. I am so grateful to her for using her God-given gift to bless others. I can't wait to meet her someday.
Name: Magdalena Marocik
Date: 03 Jul 07

To Jane's family:

I am really sorry for your loss. She is a great writer and I am sure she was the best mother in the whole world. God Bless You
Name: Narelle Mollet
Date: 25 Jun 07

Have loved all Jane's books and have just read and reviewed All The Tea in China. It was a beautiful story from a beautiful woman from all that I have read about her.
Name: Ceecee
Date: 12 Jun 07

Thank you for sharing your mother and wife with her readers. She will be missed. I have hosted a contest to win her book on my blog.

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